Our all-around digital marketing solution - the intelligent marketing platform is based on cutting edge technologies and best industry practices. 


Reporting Dashboard 

User Management 

Everyone on the marketing team has a role to play. To help you delegate tasks more efficiently and control who has access to which features on the AMS platform, we give you User Management Control. 


You Can seamlessly add/remove users from the drop-down menu at the top of the right corner to your campaign account. More importantly, you can control what a user can do and see by assigning them one of the two specific roles - Company Admin or Company User. 

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We know how important it is to use a marketing tool that can draw data from various recources. We are happy to inform you that the AMS platform supports integration with numerous apps and services you can use whenever you need them.

Thanks to these integrations, you can discover trends and learn where your customers like to hang out, and what exactly they need.

Some of the integrations we support include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Adwords, Hubspot, Google My Business, Perfect Audience, WuFoo Form, and many more. 


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Accurate and most recent reports are vital in the digital marketing niche. With access to reports, you have the power to react in time, fine-tune your campaigns for better results, or divert your resources to channels that generate more leads and capture more sales. 

AMS features full blown 24/7 reporting for social media advertising 

services, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, and local SEO. Thanks to integrations, you can leverage the power of complete and insightful reports in real time.

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Form Tracker

Tracking forms is vital for efficiency assessing the success of a marketing campaign, especially the forms on the landing pages. Our platform features cutting-edge technologies that will help you track any form on your website and landing page. 

With form tracking reports, you will be able to see where your lead come from and how many of the leads that visit a landing page actually submit the form.

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Call Tracking

Call Analytics is one if the most important features of the AMS dashboard. Under Call Analytics, you can access the Call Tracking feature, which allows you to track all phone calls by your AMS campaigns seamlessly.

AMS dashboard will help you optimize your quality leads generation strategy by allowing you to track unique phone numbers of customers who are brought to you by PPC funnel. Thanks to this feature, you will quickly identify the text ads and keywords that result in most phone calls.

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